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A Surefire Cure For Common Cold

At the very outset, I would like to state that I am not a doctor. But common cold is not something you need to go to a doctor for. It is just plain common sense that cold infections come and go. You do not have to CURE it!

CAUTION: This article is about common cold as a solitary ailment. It does not intend to cover situations where cold is one of many symptoms of a bigger medical issue.

Common cold is a natural ailment that affects most mammals. It requires only palliative (symptomatic) treatment, not curative. When people go to doctor with a cold, they put the MBBS guy under undue pressure to prove that he is really worth his degree. So, he prescribes antibiotics.

Antibiotics then becomes part of the problem, not the cure. When antibiotics are prescribed, then the patient needs to complete the entire course. Many people stop the course shortly after they start feeling better. This leaves the germs weakened but not eliminated. They also gain resistance to the antibiotics that were prescribed. Inevitably, cold comes back with a vengeance and needs a stronger course or a different class of antibiotics.

Common cold should be left to run its course. Your body will naturally fight off the infection in a few days or at most a week. In the process, your immune system will reinforces it defences. Your next attack of cold is much farther away in future than when you use antibiotics. If you have a busy lifestyle and think that you do not have the time palliative cure, you will only be fooling yourself.

Palliative cure is particularly important for small children. Pussified parents rush their kids to the doctor at the first sign of cold. Many parents have kids only to win the esteem of others. It is only after the kids are born that they realize that taking care of a kid is a lot of work. Either they can't afford to lose their sleep or they do not realise that the kid needs to fight the infection on its own. For them, cold is the problem for the doctor to cure for he is a magician. Kids who are routinely put on antibiotics for cold-related symptoms grow up with weak immune systems. For drug companies, these people are worth their weight in gold. Penicillin that the doctors prescribe should be used to fight more severe infections. By using them for a simple ailment like cold, its efficacy is reduced.

Palliative Treatment For Cold

Surefire Cure for Common Cold