n. There is no such thing as Hinduism. Contrary to what many experts say, it is not even a way of life. There is no common scripture or single deity to qualify as a religion, as exemplified by Christianity or Islam. There certainly was and is a Hindu civilization. There are numerous Hindu castes that have some religion-like characteristics. Each Hindu caste is organized around an occupation and a deity. When Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity were introduced through proselytization, the descendants of the converts were considered to belong to another caste. After the Revolt of 1857 against East India Company and the direct establishment of British rule in India, the British sought to keep Indians divided and treated seperately. Hindu castes were then grouped under a "Hindu religion" and other groups such as Sikhs, and Muslims were made separate from what was a common Indian civilization. Even then, for many years afterwards, the words Indian and Hindu were synonymous.