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I started publishing books in 2020 and wrote 20 books in my first year. They are available at Amazon (USA, India, UK, Australia and Canada), Barnes & Noble (USA) and (India). (UK) sources from Amazon UK, which has the cheapest prices, but does not charge for international shipping.

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Context Menu Extensions For Internet Explorer

These IE extensions, created in 2004, are testimony to the fact that my objections to IE are based on sound facts. Yes, I was a fan of Internet Explorer (once). I used to hate Firefox because it was very slow while IE was very quick. It was only after I became a webmaster on a professional basis that I realized what a poor browser IE was. (Even before that, I had moved to Opera fulltime.)

Although I object to the use of IE, I understand that some people will be forced to use IE, say, as part of their work. These Internet Explorer Context Menu Extensions are for those people.


To copy the address of a link in Internet Explorer, it takes 2 clicks. But to copy the address of an image, it takes at least 5 clicks. A bit tedious, don't you think? To make things like this more easier, I had created the Context Menu Extensions For IE. After you install this, the context menu will have 15 new menu options inside Internet Explorer


for Windows IE (Size: 12 KB)

Software Requirements

Internet Explorer 6 or later.


Download the zip file mentioned above and extract all files starting with "CMES" to the root of your C:\ drive. Next, extract the Install_CMES.reg file from the zip file to some location. Right-click the file and select Merge.

If you wish to install the CMES??.htm files to some other location, then you need to edit the Install_CMES.reg in Notepad. I suggest you do not do this unless of course you are a techie.


Extract the Uninstall_CMES.reg file from the download zip file to some location on your computer. Right-click the file and select Merge. This will remove the context menu options. After this, you need to manually delete the CMES??.htm files from the C:\.

Context Menu Options

While performing the searches, hold down the SHIFT key to open the search results page in a new window. When using this feature, make sure you do not have popup blockers activated. Otherwise, the operation will generate an error.


Further Hacking for Programmers

The CMES??.htm files contain Javascript. The SCRIPT tags use the DEFER attribute. Menu extensions are enabled by adding certain registry keys (using Install_CMES.reg). The keys are added at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\MenuExt\. The names of the keys are same as displayed in the context menu. The "Default" value of the keys should contain a string referring the path to the path of the Javascript file. The "Contexts" value for the keys should contain any one of the following binary values.