My ebook-creation process has also been automated

Some work remains to be performed manually

Over the last few days, I have automated the ebook-creation process.

  • Added a Caja Actions menu to right-click a HTML file and check if it complies to XHTML Strict.
  • Created new shell scripts to create eBooks from the XHTML files — for all my books that have ebook editions.
  • Created a script to convert 300-dpi PNG images from the already automated paperback-creation process to 96-dpi JPEG images for the ebook process.
  • Created a JavaScript script to check if all images that were included in the HTML are available in the images directory.
  • Created a common backlist content for all ebooks.

Remaining manual steps:

  • Convert the HTML from the PDF paperback process to XHTML.
  • Change all image references of PNG images to those of JPEG images.

Calibre is amazingly fast. An ebook takes only 2-3 seconds to create. Calibre's command-line version can convert all my ebooks in the time it takes me to manually create one ebook using the GUI version. I used to dread finding mistakes. Now, making a change and then updating the EPUB takes only a few seconds.

Video demos

  • Automated PDF-creation process
  • Automated EPUB ebook-creation process
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